About the school


Viesite Secondary school is located in a small town Viesite (140 km from capital city Riga) in disadvantaged area - in the countryside 30 km from the biggest in the vicinity town  - Jekabpils near Latvian-Lithuanian border.

Infrastructure of education

There is good local infrastructure of education - Viesite Secondary school, Viesite Sport School, Viesite Music and Art school, Viesite Youth center, Viesite Culture centre. Viesite municipality makes an effort to support educational process to ensure competitiveness in education - modern equipment, school transport, transport for study trips, supporting teacher training, cooperation with social partners, supporting cross sectorial cooperation.

Viesite Secondary school is a middle sized school in the countryside - there are 297 pupils at age 7 – 18 (19) years.



There are some priorities to ensure learning process: teaching/learning process, its continual improvement, integration of pupils with special needs (special curricula), motivation pupils to take an active role in the process, involvement of parents.  Innovations and using IT are always highlighted. Sense of self-assessment is also important. The content of scholastic training is created by groups of teachers accordingly to national standards and pupils‘needs. Basic skills – communication in native and foreign languages, skills in mathematics and subjects of natural sciences, digital and social skills, knowing how to learn, culture comprehension, self-initiatives and entrepreneurial activities are usually on the top to develop pupils as personalities who are ready for their future.